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This was pretty good! Great atmosphere for a horror game! A very straight forward game, but it was enjoyable nonetheless! Here's my playthrough:

Por fin jugué un juego de terror en Español que obviamente es este xD.

YouTuber: PatrickGame

Hey, thanks for submitting 3AM to the SCREAM JAM! Unfortunately one of the rules of the jam is that submissions should be mostly made within the jam period - as 3AM was submitted for SCREAM CITY I'm guessing it's been in the pipeline for the while. As a result I've decided to take it down - let me know if you feel this is in error. Thanks for understanding :) 

Fun little game!

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For a game jam game I understand the limits put on, but some kinda way to detect the path would have been nice. Still had some fun recording and editing this game, I'd like to see what you could do with a full release.

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It's the third in the video....weirdly I normally get lost in anything I played, got through this first time :P 

Gave it a go...

Nicely Done :)) 

I'm not sure what to think about this game.

Played this for a 3 free horror games and was pretty disappointed with what i played. I noticed it's made as a part of a Jam and you only get around 2-3 days to do that, but there are a ton of design choices and grammar issues that are very annoying. I give a full in-depth review in my video below. 

This game feels like a troll but I also enjoyed it, not sure what that says about me but there you go. 

played your game for an indie romp video. I hope you enjoy it

I was pretty hard on this game.  Sorry about that! I guess I'm a cynic.  I had fun editing the video though :)!

Shared my thoughts about the game here, thanks for submitting to SCREAM CITY!

 I was very angry because it took me 30 mins to find the exit and I always died!

What a stupid game !

Jk I actually liked the game.

In interesting game. A clearer end goal would make it alot better. I had no idea where i was suppose to go.

Where'd Everyone Go? 

The game was ok for the most part. While I don't mind the tripwire esque method of horror/death, that gets old fairly fast. I feel like if you can add in a monster that slowly "chases" you, it would be even better. That being said, lighting is spot on and the game really does make you think.

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The idea of the game is that, dying until you find the right path. thank you

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Had a lot of fun with this one! My main suggestion would be to make sure that there is an explanation IN game that you have to take the right path. I would never have figured it out if I hadn't gone and looked at the page again.   All in all I'm impressed with it as I know it's one of your first games of this kind and it's actually pretty fun! good job! 


Hello, I was part of the group that developed a demo called HallWays Of ANDROMEDA and that made a gameplay of it. for me it is an honor to do a gameplay again, this time in my solo dev phase. Thank you

I remember that one! Well very good job stepping out on your own!  I look forward to seeing what you do next!