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Nice little game, but sometimes it doesn't recognize my clicks. Got a HS of 65. Also my score doesn't drop down to 0 each game.

Arf... my best score (1545) was stored in the hall of fame, but not correctly displayed during the game (after 999 it gets back to 000).

Thanks for contributing! It's not really a 1-button game though, as we're expected (I think?) to use the mouse movement (which counts as several buttons, like up, down, left and right).

I tried to hit Enter and saw that it validated the click, so I just left my finger on it :p So in this way, it's almost a 1-button game ;) but in this case it would be nice to start the game with enter too (for the 1st click I have to move the mouse).

The hall of fame is a nice touch!


Thanks for playing, the bugs have been fixed :)