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In a zombie apocalypse...

Without any zombies... The pumpkins attack!!!...

Pumpkins have invaded the planet with thirsty... Brains?

The Attack Of The Living Pumpkins is an arcade shooter 2.5D.

Eliminate the pumpkins and compare the highest score. Player damage is in a random range.

The demo version only includes classic visual style, there are no extra lives, nor can you be displayed the score, only one musical track in total.

The full version will include:

5 visual styles:

Classic Retro Style.

Neon Style.

Greenboy Style.

NesTopia Style.

Ghost style.


Random generation of enemies, 20 different spawn points.

Random music.

Random backgrounds and textures at every startup.

Random player position at start.

Extra random lives

Many more musical tracks.

And exclusively, a 2d version in top view down of the game.

The attack of living pumpkins 2d.

Music By: Bert Cole www.bitbybitsound.com

My Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/GRGDCR/

This game is in development and some things may change.

Full version soon...

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading and testing this demo :)


x64 version
x86 version
Linux x86 - x64
Mac Os

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